China sucks. I have tried so hard to like this place and I can say China & I just do not get along. I’ve been living in North East China, in a dump of city called Changchun. Its a shithole. Like seriously this place is just shitty all over. For 6 months of the year its winter with -15 celsius temperatures. It can drop down as low as -30c, which thankfully I haven’t had to endure this winter yet. Last week it got down as low as -28c. Now that is bitterly cold. In my local shop downstairs they remove the refrigerators, because, heck its minus 20 outside, who needs a fridge when the natural cold will do. Which is great for icy cold beers. But sucks for the people working in the shop.

The worst thing about winter here is hiding indoors. Granted I’m not the most out going or social person in the world, but I do like to have my fair share of fun! Its virtually impossible to go outdoors, cause there is nothing to do in this place. Its too cold for a walk. Its too cold to get a taxi 40 minutes into the city to walk around the dirty disgusting spit laden streets. There is nothing to do in the city except either shop at local markets, or go to the malls and spend your RMB there. That gets old pretty quickly.

So weekends are very boring, a lot of binge watching happens, catching up on all the series that have managed to slip under my radar. Hanging out with friends in their apartments in the compound that we live in is the normal now. Its a very tough place to live and I could not imagine spending my life as a foreigner in this place. Every holiday is planned to escape it here. W currently is living in Ho Chi Minh City, so whenever I get the time off I go visit him there for normality. Vietnam is awesome, the people, the food, the culture, the climate is all just the bees knees.

Its almost February, so just a few more months of winter time and when summer comes {Spring doesn’t happen here} its actually not so bad and you can move from outdoors to the outside which is a huge improvement.