It’s not like life suddenly got exciting or anything, far from it. I’m just a complete lazy bones and temporarily forgot that I wrote.

This week I reread Solace in its entirety and didn’t hate all of it! Hey that’s an improvement! The key areas that I need to focus and rewrite is the beginning {pretty mediocre} and the ending {absolute drivel}. The middle section, which I thought was perhaps a bit shaky, turned out to be quite fine and I’ll only have to write a scene in order to make it flow cohesively.

My dreams of having it ready for Christmas will not come to fruition unfortunately. I don’t have the funds to pay for someone to proofread and edit the novel. It’ll be a while away. Which is a shame as I really wanted to have it ready for the Christmas markets, seeing as everyone and their grandmother is getting an e-reader this year.

In other story related news, I’ve written a very short piece on my pirate queen and I absolutely love it. I don’t know if I have it truly in me to write a full length novel of some 100,000 words, but I definitely have a few short stories in me. Always little ideas that are just a scene at a time.

Right, I need to look at my novel seriously by the end of November and do some goddamn editing. Get a move on Missy.