So last night I wrote my 50,000 word of  Solace. It also happened to be the very last few words of the novel too. And frankly I was disappointed. I thought having completed a novel, fireworks would suddenly erupt, maybe I’d even do a little dance, but nope, nothing. Truthfully I didn’t even register that I had written the final words of it.
I think those sort of celebrations will come at a later date, when the novel has been edited and the final version has been published, then I’ll allow myself some sort of gratuitous celebration.
The hard part now comes, with editing. I haven’t gone over any of the work so far, so I’m sure its a goddamn mess. Joy oh joy. I also want to slot in an additional 10,000 words at some point {crazy talk I know}.

The next few weeks, sure are going to be interesting.
How did you feel when you wrote the final words of your masterpiece?