As I outlined in my previous post, I’m desperate to get a new job. I’ve got bills to pay. I’ve learnt all that I can in my current position, it is time to high tail it out of there.

And whilst I’ve been looking aimlessly at library jobs, I have to be realistic that there are a handle of jobs out there and hundreds of people applying for them. So new avenues will have to be approached.

I stumbled across a job called a Community Manager and for the first time in a long time my heart began to race. Being a Community Manager is everything that i’ve wanted to do. It combines the worlds of social media and journalism with dashes of business thrown into it for good measure. It involves promoting brands through social media by engaging customers around said brand. It’s fascinating. And I want in.

I really believe I have the skills to fulfil the roles that are currently being advertised out there. It’s just a matter of someone taking a chance on me.

And so I’m completely reconstructing my CV. My current one is aimed for library jobs and is very detailed. I now have to somehow condense my jobs and make them somewhat more interesting to prospective employers. Hopefully it will be worth it in the long run!