So I posted this on Facebook, but kinda felt it belonged here too on WordPress. Just a miniature rant on how I feel like an old fart…

Last night I attended a talk given by John Green on his latest book The Fault in Our Stars. I like to think I’m pretty hip. Down with the kids and all that. I try to follow memes. I peruse Tumblr & Reddit. I even worship at the alter of Buzzfeed.

Well, I have never felt like such a middle aged biddy in my entire life.

The 900+ teenagers in attendance screamed and shouted their way through the entire talk. It was as if the Beatles themselves had taken to the stage. I was completely flabbergasted. There was even ‘in’ jokes between John Green and the 900 so-called ‘nerd fighters’. WHATS A NERD FIGHTER? Can I be one?

And who the hell was Hank? And why was he singing songs about molecules and what not? Was I even in the right place?

So needless to say for an hour I was completely lost. How has it come to this? When did I become THAT person? And how come I had more in common with the 50+ year old man who left at the same time as me? We both turned to each other, wild eyed and scarred and muttered something about ‘the youth of today’.

Oy vey.