A burgeoning writer, I’ve dreamt about writing the elusive novel for eons. Ideas come and creep into my subconscious and parts of stories eventually emerge. Only to be deserted and ignored. I’ve decided to finally start a writing blog for this reason. To keep me on track, to gain opinions and thoughts from readers, to share desires, and to indulge in fantasies. I work part time in a library. Which I love. I love sugary things far too much. I’m a book slut. I would like to someday live in a country where it didn’t constantly rain, or blow tremendous gales. I’d like to experience a decent summer, where 95% of it is primarily sunshine, instead of the 95% rain, Ireland receives each and every summer.

I’m 27 and it frightens me how the last 5 years have just managed to slip by. I refuse to let the next 5 years vanish.

My main ambitions in life currently are to become an Assistant Librarian by the time I’m 30. And to own a property in the Mediterranean where I can spend days learning the language of whatever country, writing whilst looking at the sea and lying in the sunshine <— This last ambition may not occur until I am 65, but I will have a home somewhere warm and delightful.

Oh and Procrastination is my very bestest friend in the entire world.