2013 for me is my ‘year of change’. The past two years have been hard, I lost both my Grandparents who were effectively like my parents. Their deaths came as a surprise and I miss them dreadfully. Also the job front has been at a standstill. I’ve working for over 2 years as a part time library assistant. And funnily enough I’m tired on living on half wages.

So resolutions abound, I pledge for 2013 to:

1. Become a skinny ass mo’fo. I’ve said these for probably the last 15 years, but this year is shall happen for me. Goodbye unhealthy lifestyle. Hello fruit and veggies galore.

2. Get a full time job. This may require me to leave my area of librarianship. Which does sadden me as I’ve only just entered the field and had assumed it was a career path for life. But ultimately I will be employed full time by the end of the year. I have to be. I got bills to be paying, bitch. {Watching too much Breaking Bad will affect your vocab…}

3. Self publish my novel. If I could just edit the blasting thing I’d be flying. I’ve never been one to go over my work, it bores me. Or I just gawp at the thing for hours. But hopefully by the summer it’ll be gone and I can check this off the list.

4. Give up smoking. I only social smoke at the moment, having giving up smoking in September and doing remarkably well. Now the only time I’ll smoke is on a night out and would never have more than 5. But if I could just kick this habit, that would be brilliant. Its a shame the smoking area is the best area in the bar to meet awesome people.

5. Be open to new experiences/chances. This boils down to laziness. I do a lot of stuff by myself, so this shouldn’t bother me, I just need to man up and get over being a lazy ass bitch. Too many times I have feigned disinterest cause it would involve me having to leave the warm and comfortableness of my home to venture into the city to experience something fun. When I do go out of my comfort zones I always tend to have a brilliant night too! So man up!

Hopefully this will prove to be a fantastic new year and I hope that I can look back at the end of 2013 and be extremely happy with what I’ve accomplished.

Well, fingers crossed at least.