I’m intrigued by this book, simply due to the fact that every time I go on Amazon, there it is winking and enticing me with its gorgeous cover. It also sounds right up my alley. Angels. Check. Doom. Check. Paranormal Romance. Yup, yup yup.

So, I finally gave in and bought it for my Kindle today. Fingers crossed it turns out to be as awesome as all the reviews suggest.

However it is the publicity that Amazon has generated for it that interests me a lot. I haven’t noticed another book being so forcibly pushed on the consumer before. I may be completely out of my depth here, but on this side of the ocean, I haven’t even heard a whisper about it. Stateside it seems to now begin to steamroll and pick up interest, Entertainment Weekly ran a quick article last week on their website. I’ll be keeping a close eye on it over the next few weeks, and hope to in the meantime read it myself.

Has anyone else out there noticed this type of publicity from Amazon before? Or have I just been completely oblivious to it?