My personal life has become a tiny bit haphazard. Whereas nothing was happening up to 2 weeks ago, suddenly I’ve gotten myself a voluntary position that is out of this world and excites the hell out of me.

The new position means a lot more researching and trying to organize meetings and blah blah blah.

So I have cumulatively written next to nothing. Awesome. That novel of mine is just totally going to write itself.

So perhaps now is a good time to discuss Time Management cause I don’t have a notion…

Personally. I like to relax in the evenings after work. I like to check Facebook, float around the kitchen, catch up with the familia. That’s just a normal night. Then I’ll eventually sit down and write from 9pm to around 11pm. I think it’s something to do with winding down my brain and getting into that relaxed stage where I’m just about ready for bed, but not quite.

But then life interrupts, trips to the cinema, tea with friends, socializing at the weekend and thus being far too hungover to even contemplate writing. So I’m making the decision now. Right now goddammit.

To be a better person. To a} write more b} blog more & c} spend less of my weekends hungover. I really want to do this, I’ve been meaning for so long to finish this novel, that I just want it done, and ready to leave my brain. It trickles into my subconscious daily and lingers there waiting for it to be released. Naturally as a procrastinator I ignore it and leave it to fester. But fester no more.

Oy vey.