An interesting look at the Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing. At the moment I’m leaning towards Self Publishing, but that’s primarily because I’m so impatient 🙂

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There are strengths and weaknesses to both approaches, and for some people, their own strengths can compensate for the industry’s weakness.

Self Publishing:

*Speed-Strength- When you self publish, you can put out books as quickly as you can get them written.

*Editing-Weakness- You have to edit your own stories. Depending on the author, this may not be a big deal. Some people are able to edit their own work well, or have good betas who can edit it for them. Yet so much of what I’ve looked at that’s self published has clear editing problems, both structural (This scene does nothing) and spelling/grammar issues. Typos happen, yes, but they shouldn’t be so common as to make me want to grab my red pen.

*Volume- Weakness/strength both- This one is a mixed bag. On one hand, the sheer volume of self published books is daunting, from a reader’s perspective…

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