There are 120 days left until my December 31st deadline. This weekend was a complete right off, primarily due to the fact that the Navy was in town. Now being a single girl, the sight of a man in uniform, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Black suits, with gold strips signifiying their rank, and the hats, oh lord, those hats. White with peaked black tips. Every single girl that came across them instantly accosted them and got a picture with the Officer and then with the hat.

I stalked a group of Officers up to Bankers and spent 2 hours learning about the Navy. It was fascinating. And, oh my word, they were all so polite and so nice. I don’t think I’ve meet men like that who were just raised really well and just lovely. You certainly don’t get them in large groups like that here in Ireland.


They leave tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn and its going to be a sad affair. My favourite comment of the night belonged to an Officer. I commented on the fact that the US Naval Academy had lost to Notre Dame {pretty badly too} at the Aviva earlier on that day. The officer, took a sip of his beer and looked me dead in the eyes. “Yeah, well we killed Osama.”

I loved his comment. It was part a} douchebag & b} amazing. I think I laughed in his face and walked off.

Now I just need to find a naval officer to marry and sweep me off my feet a la Richard Gere in an Officer & a Gentleman. Below, me and one of the many officers.