Yesterday I downloaded a free trial of Scrivener to try out. It’s a tool that used by most writers and features handy little things like cork boards, so each chapter or section is displayed with a little synopsis running underneath. Another feature I like is you can import all your research into another section, long are the days of miscellaneous folders gone, and instead, this new all in one section folder, makes researching interesting and companionable to piece you are writing.

I’m so used to writing in Word, that it will take some time for me to get used to it. I do have to admit that having all your documents in one place, and one that is easy to flip through is a major selling point. Once the trial is up, in 30 days time, I’ll see how much it has changed my way of writing and decide whether or not to purchase it. I also highly recommend watching the tutorial’s as well. I would have been absolutely lost without them. My eyes just tend to glaze over at the thought of reading long instructive paragraphs on, well, instructions.

Also downloaded last night was Apple’s Mountain Lion. Again a few tutorial were glazed over/watched before I fully appreciated what I had just bought. I do like the notification system though, that’s pretty awesome.

Yesterday I booked a place for Writing for Children Workshop at the Mountain to the Sea festival next weekend {Sunday 9th Sept}. A 3 hour workshop with Oisin McGann, should deliver some insight into how to write for children/teens. Its been a number of years since I was one, but then again I do live in a household of 2 almost-teens.

I’m also attending Independent Publishing Seminar on Saturday 8th September, with the hopes of learning some more knowledge about the route of self publication. I’ve lately been reading Catherine Ryan Howards fantastic blog on her journey of self publication and it’s been extremely informative. I can’t wait to hear what else she has to say about the topic.

Should be an interesting weekend over all!