Ah Nice. So French. So rich. So sunny. So yummy. So unbelievably beautiful. So nice.

Holidays, that creep up upon you are the best kind. A sudden thought, Oh I’m off to the airport tomorrow morning to so and so, send delicious shivers down your spine. That’s what happened to me, the realization of impending holidays, the frantic, “Oh crap do I have everything?”

Holidays, usually for me, involve a ton of research. I’d been to the South of France 8 years previously, in fact I’ve done a lot of traveling down that part of the world when I was younger, so for me, there were no absolutely need or desires to visit the truly wonderful towns of St. Paul de Vence or Monaco. The days were spent lazily in the apartment that hung above the sea, watching the super yachts smoothly sail past, or watching the swimmers who tended to be on the other side of 70 storm through the ocean currents, from beach to the other. Trips to the rocky beach next door, where you nestled into the pebbles and received an unexpected massage from the hard Nicoise stones, lounging in the delicious sunshine and gasping for the breeze that limply followed.

It was a hard life.

Discussions on 50 Shades of Grey. How to replicate it. Was it possible? Could we make our mark on the literary world? Followed by readings from my Shirley Conran book “Lace”, a truly spectacular 80s novel, recently published to much fanfare. Lace is everything 50 Shades wants to be. Lace has a plot, great characterisation, fabulous sex scenes {imaginative too! The goldfish scene. Wow}, and it being the 80s, fabulous hair and clothes. It’s a shame there is nothing in todays market along the lines of Judith Krantz, Shirley Conran or Jilly Cooper. I’m a huge fan of Jilly, but she has lost her sparkle over the years.

Also read Jojo Moyes “Me before You”, a lovely lovely story of Lou, a sheltered woman who learns the ways of the world, through her love for a quadriplegic man. I surprised myself by how moved I was by it. Very sweet.

All in all this holiday has given me the push that I have needed. It’s finally allowed me to give myself a deadline to complete my novel.

December 31st 2012.

This time. It will be done. No more delays or ignoring. The novel will be complete. Finito.

Fingers crossed.