Please come in and make yourself at home. I, shall be your host over the next few months, years, decades, or however long this thing takes my whimsy. I am Missy. I hail from the small city of Dublin, Ireland where I procrastinate daily and like to imagine myself anywhere but Dublin. I found a temporary part time job that I really like, which hopefully one day hope to make into my career. However this is not about my thoughts on librarianship, or how I wish Ryan Gosling would rescue me from my wonderful daydreams, but more about my thoughts on writing, the process behind it and what I can learn from it.

I’ve been writing for years. I wrote from the ages of 14/15-19 non-stop. I couldn’t get enough. I think it had something to do with godawful Westlife, Nsync fan fiction that kept me going for as long as I did. Oh and I wrote tennis fan fiction. Lord, was I obsessed. And not very good. Although I can still look back fondly on those stories and see the happiness and laughter they brought me.

Now, after a very long hiatus, where I just could not put pen to paper, I eventually got my mojo back around 2 years. Now I’m currently working on my first novel for young teen’s. It’s been brewing for months, little scraps of ideas being jotted down here there and everywhere. Deadlines haven’t been set, but this blog, should set me on target. Push me in the right direction.

It’s a long process, and ideally the result is to complete that blasted novel. After all we all have one in us.